Destiny shuttle

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Here it is,

the Destiny shuttle 🙂

Now is possible to order directly here:



  1. Nice job Tom! Will be picking a couple of these when I get my tax return. What will be the lead time when I order the full sized destiny? I’ve still not received the two small ones yet. it’s been about 3 weeks now. Checked the tracking and it doesn’t even look like it’s hit the states yet. Wish they’d give a bit more detail on where the package is. When Andy sends me stuff from the UK I can see the date it hits the US. that way I know it’s here and it will be a week or less before it should be delivered.

    Anyway, can’t wait to pick up a couple shuttles and the full sized destiny. Will be first week in february.

    Nice job!

    • Hi Lance,
      It is very strange, because to be sure I told them twice that I want to send it by air. I hope they dint send it
      differently. I hope it arrives soon. Next time I will definitely request the fastest available shipping and some confirmation (for each case). The big Destiny take at least about 4 weeks to make it.


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