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I decided to make a stand for the little ships, which will be free for the first 5 orders! (including already made ​​orders) 🙂

I also tried one cool effect and it works, so now when you use light to the engine section, it will glow with blue light in the dark! See attached pictures below 🙂

Hi guys!

I have some updates for you, I start with the Destiny miniatures. They will be soon available! I also get the shuttles (big one and small in scale with the big Destiny model) 🙂 Watch the news!


  1. I requested two please. how long do you think the full size model would be before you’re shipping them? I’d love to get mine ordered when you have it figured out.

    • Hi, thanks Iam working on the Destiny miniatures now, but I can say that all the parts for the full size model are printed and ready. So now its only question of my free time and I will try to use most of it to finish this 🙂

  2. I contacted you about three months ago. I wanted to get a small model for my son to play with and a larger one. You said that you would make an exception and ship the larger one unassembled so that my son and I could assemble it together. Is it possible that I could get both shipped to me at the same time?

  3. i’m in on that first 5 orders right?

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