Aurora model

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We have some new models. One of them is Aurora class battleship. Here are some pictures from 3D model to first finished, painted and lighted model. All models are available at

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Destiny finished

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Destiny is finished. Here are some photos from the final steps right to the finished piece.

Available with other Stargate models at

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Destiny shuttle

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Here it is,

the Destiny shuttle 🙂

Now is possible to order directly here:


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New pics + new yaer

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I just wanna post some new pics of the miniatures with stand + one pic of the big Destiny which is still under construction. From the new year (2014) will be possible to order.


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Some updates

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I decided to make a stand for the little ships, which will be free for the first 5 orders! (including already made ​​orders) 🙂

I also tried one cool effect and it works, so now when you use light to the engine section, it will glow with blue light in the dark! See attached pictures below 🙂

Hi guys!

I have some updates for you, I start with the Destiny miniatures. They will be soon available! I also get the shuttles (big one and small in scale with the big Destiny model) 🙂 Watch the news!

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Destiny miniature

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The miniature of Destiny is ready to be build.

Watch closely for news.

There will be only 30 cute little ships for sale!



Here are first photos, Iam sory for the very bad image quality, I have not my camera right now with me so I just used my old and creepy mobil phone 😀

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Repairs done

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The repairs were done, all parts are ready now to be printed. Are you excited? 🙂

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